The Business Dynamics Research Consortium is a public-private, non-profit, nonpartisan research institute devoted to the study of business performance and economic growth. Operated as a research consortium at the University of Wisconsin System Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship, we are committed to creating data resources and data-driven insights that stimulate research on individual business performance and its impact on overall economic growth.

U.S. Economy Time-series Data 

BDRC assembles a very large longitudinal establishment database (Your-economy Time Series or YTS) on business and economic activity creating a comprehensive and accessible data source on the U.S. economy, attracting and serving diverse research initiatives across multiple disciplines and academic institutions.

Our services and affiliate relationships target a full range of organizations and individuals including; university-based scholars, private foundations, research institutions, nongovernmental organizations, policy makers, economic developers, and for-profit businesses 

Aggregate and Licensed Data

Take advantage of custom aggregate YTS data in your slides and presentations, and use it to educate and inform economic development professionals and policy makers. If your data needs do not fit nicely into a pre-determined region found on youreconomy.org, we can build custom regions to your specifications. Regions can be a combination of counties, states, CBSAs, and even zip codes which are not available on YE. Aggregate data is delivered in a very manageable .xlsx or text formats from 1997 thru the latest current year including:

  • Totals filtered by 5 employment sizes (self employed, 2-9, 10-99, 100-499, 500+). Both totals and employment sizes are filtered by churn parameters: birth death, expansion, contraction, move in, and move out.
  • Filtering by NAICS, industry segments, or other data variables are done through designing a custom scope.

YTS Data

We also offer two (2) tiers from the YTS database where you can purchase licensed raw data.