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The Business Dynamics Research Consortium is a public-private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute devoted to the study of business performance and economic growth. Operated as a research consortium at the University of Wisconsin System Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship, we are committed to creating data resources and data-driven insights that stimulate research on individual business performance and its impact on overall economic growth.

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Your-economy Time Series (YTS)

YTS (Your-economy Time Series) is an annual establishment-level, time series
database used by academic researchers, policy makers, and economic development analysts following companies at their unique locations across the U.S. YTS focuses on establishments that are “in-business” meaning they are intent on conducting commercial activities.

YTS tracks all establishments (and their jobs and sales), including for-profit
(both privately-owned and publicly-traded), non-profits, and government
establishments. YTS is used to power the popular and free economic
resource, as well as the free private equity resource,

At its core, YTS uses the highly verified version of Data Axle Business Historical databases with establishment data from 1997 thru the current year. Each year BDRC also receives complete Data Axle Suspect and Pre-verified databases. We use these large databases to verify and improve the Historical data used in YTS.

Number of data variables for ONE record (establishment) in YTS
Accuracy standard for Data Axle data verification

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