Data that drives your economy

Data that drives your economy

BDRC creates data resources and data-driven insights that stimulate research on individual business performance and its impact on overall economic growth.

Percent of Second Stage businesses (10-99 employees) creating NEW JOBS in 2018
NEW JOBS from startups and fast growing companies in a healthy economy (YE)

Now with data thru 2018! (YE) is an online research tool that allows visitors to analyze economic activity at the community level – and across the country. YE is the definitive source of economic data about business establishments, jobs and sales across the United States.

YTS License and Costs

Whether you need licensed establishment level data for your custom research project or you are looking for aggregated data for your region, we’ve got you covered. You can also purchase contact lists through YTS.

The number of YEARS it would take BDRC to produce all the data available on if done on the average desktop computer!
The number in MILLIONS of data runs it takes BDRC to produce all the dynamic data available on the YE and GE websites.
The number of ZIPCODES used in every data run each year to build Congressional Districts.