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Evaluate your hypotheses with information about every US establishment – including: parent company, location, industry classifications, number of jobs and estimated annual sales. Our databases uniquely offer information about non-profits, sole-proprietorships, government entities and farms, along with for-profit businesses. Researchers at institutions across the US and around the world rely on our data for working papers and publication.

Understand how Your Economy compares to other frequently cited sources of economic data.

New Details about Public Companies
Due to popular demand, we have added new data variables for publicly traded companies to YE Time Series. Central Index Key (CIK) values have been added to help match our data to other sources like Compustat.  The CIK values were gleaned from public filings published by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Separately, we also have Market Cap, Total Liabilities, Cash and Cash Equivalents, EV to Sales and Annual Sales Revenues from SEC filings reported from 2003 to the most recent year, in a separate file that can be linked by our record’s unique ID values.
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We track over 46 million US establishments from 1997-2021. The data includes the annual changes in number of workers, industry classification, estimated sales volumes, headquarters and geographic location and more.

Understand the geographic dispersion, jobs and other dynamics of publicly traded companies over time with this unique data.

Your Economy is an interactive website with access to graphs showing trends in number of establishments and number of jobs over time, by state, county and/or metro area. Understand trends in seconds via our powerful graphs.

For University of Wisconsin Researchers Only 
Data Discovery and Time-Series Locator (DDaTSL)  is a unique online research tool that is designed to elegantly improve the secure discoverability of the large transparent YE Time Series establishment database. Explore our data via web browser and quickly download small portions of the data to your computer for any approved research project. University of Wisconsin faculty and students may request access at no charge.

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