YE+ Subscriptions

YE+ is powered by the YTS (Your-economy Time Series) database, an annual
establishment-level time-series database following companies at their unique
locations across the U.S. YE+ has 4 subscription options:

1. Online

• Same period (2004-2019), charts, and data you see on YE, PLUS:
• Gain/loss activity (starts, closings, expansions, contractions, moves)
• Starts vs. Closed with jobs Expansion and Contraction toggle
• YE Industry Sector location quotient (LQ)
• Individual chart export options; graphics, PDF, and data (Excel) formats
• Print and PDF versions of entire YE+ layout
• All data downloaded into one spreadsheet (.csv format)
• Up to 2,000 business contacts included
• Discounts on all other YE+ subscriptions
• $350 Sign Up For YE+ Online

2. Research Model

If your data needs do not fit nicely into a pre-determined region, period, or set of data attributes found on YE, BDRC will aggregate and model custom regions to your specifications. Your scope can be a combination of any field variable in YTS including (but not limited to) cities, counties, states, CBSAs, zip codes, stock ticker, and NAICS. We will work with you on developing a scope where you receive the most amount of data for the least cost.

OptionsScopeCostAdditional Scope
Custom ScopeAll field variables and all years
(1997-2019) in YTS are available
to customize your research
Records < 5,000

Records > 5,000
Matching RecordsImport records to match against YTS database
(less than 25,000 records)

• An additional scope fee will be charged when initial scope (or matching criteria) is amended after receiving results.
• YE+ Online subscribers will have additional scope costs waived!

3. Research License

BDRC assembles the YTS database from 23 annual snapshots following U.S. businesses at their unique location from 1997-2019. We package both Custom Data and Static Regions from the YTS database. One YE+ Online subscription (with 2,000 contacts) comes with the purchase of any Research License data.

Custom Data

Records<1K1K to 50K50K to 100K100K to 250K250K to 500K500K to 1M1M to 2 M

• All scope definitions and additions are included with Custom Data pricing.

Static Regions

U.S. File (46 million records)$45,000
U.S. File Academic (46 million records)$32,000
New York, Florida$12,000
Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan,
New Jersey
Georgia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Virginia,
Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Minnesota
Maryland, Colorado, Louisiana
Arizona, Alabama, Oregon, Connecticut, South Carolina,
Oklahoma, Iowa
Kentucky, Kansas$6,000
Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, Nebraska, New Mexico$5,000
West Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho$4,000
Hawaii, Rhode Island$3,000
Montana, South Dakota, Washington, D.C., Delaware,
Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming

• US Academic file option is for research with the singular goal of publishing results that will be shared
with BDRC.

4. Research Current License

If your project or research requires the absolute latest data (pulled from the same week as ordered), whether standalone or in addition to YTS Model or License data, BDRC has you covered. You will receive the same number of field variables that come with the YTS database. One YE+ Online subscription (with 2,000 contacts) comes with the purchase of any Research Current License data.

Current Data

Records (Establishment)1 to 10,00010K to 25K25K to 50K50K +
Price Per Record$0.19*$0.16*$0.13*$0.12*
*Each order has $250 administration fee

• BDRC will verify your order against the YTS database and make any necessary changes either to the
YTS data or the Current Data.

YTS Data License

All licensed data include a one-time delivery with a two year license for use of the data. No additional updates are available and the data would have to be purchased with a new license if necessary for further use.

The data license agreement will be handled by a simple MOU from the University of Wisconsin System Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship.

Data Delivery

All License data will be assembled and delivered in delimited text formats (.csv) with field variable names in the first row. Research Model regions are delivered in an Excel spreadsheet (.csv text file if too large for Excel).

YTS data does not include all business contact information. You can purchase the latest contact information for any business and receive current (same week) info: company name, address, phone, owner or officer, and management members and email address if available.

Business Contacts

  • Up to 5,000 records: $.15 cents each
  • 5,000 plus records or YE+ Online subscription: $.10 cents each

Download pricing guide PDF here.